2. Definitions.- In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-

(1) "aircraft" means any machine which can derive support in the atmosphere from reactions of the air, a[other than reactions of the air against the earth's surface] and includes balloons, whether fixed or free, airships, kites, gliders and flying machines;

(2) " aerodrome" means any definite or limited ground or water area intended to be used, either wholly or in part, for the landing or departure of aircraft, and includes all buildings, sheds, vessels, piers and other structures thereon or appertaining thereto;

b[(2A) "aerodrome reference point", in relation to any aerodrome, means a designated point established in the horizontal plane at or near the geometric centre of that part of the aerodrome reserved for the departure or landing of aircraft;]

(3) "import" means bringing into c[India]; and

(4) "export" means taking out of c[India].

[a] Inserted by the Aircraft (Amendment) Act (12 of 1972), S.2(20-4-1972).

[b] Inserted , ibid.

[c] Substituted for "the Provinces" by the Aircraft (Amendment) Act (24 of 1948), S.3(12-4-1948).

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