7. Power of Central Government to make rules for investigation of accidents.- (1) a[Subject to the provisions of section 14,] the b[Central Government] may, by notification in the b[Official Gazette], make rules providing for the investigation of any accident a[or incident] arising out of or in the course of c[the navigation-

(a) in or over d[India] of any aircraft, or

(b) anywhere of aircraft registered in d[India].]

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such rules may -

(a) require notice to be given of any accident a[or incident] in such manner and by such person as may be prescribed;

(b) apply for the purposes for such investigation, either with or without modification, the provisions of any law for the time being in force relating to the investigation of accidents a[or incident];

(c) prohibit pending investigation access to or interference with aircraft to which an accident a[or incident] has occurred, and authorise any person so far as may be necessary for the purposes of an investigation to have access to examine, remove, take measures for the preservation of or otherwise deal with any such aircraft; and

(d) authorise or require the cancellation, suspension, endorsement or, surrender of any licence or certificate granted or recognised under this Act when it appears on an investigation that the licence ought to be so dealt with, and provide for the production of any such licence for such purpose.

[a] Inserted by the Aircraft (Amendment) Act, 2007 (44 of 2007) which came into force with effect from 01-02-2008 vide Notification No. AV.11012/3/2000-A dated 21st January 2008.

[b] Substituted for the words”G.G. in C.” and “Gazette of India” by A.O.1937.

[c] Substituted for the words "air navigation in or over British India", by the Aircraft (Amendment) Act, 1939 (37 of 1939), S.5(29-9-1939).

[d] Substituted for the words "the Provinces" by the Aircraft (Amendment) Act, 1948 (24 of 1948), S.3(12-4-1948).

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