8. Power to detain aircraft.- (1) Any authority authorised in this behalf by the a[Central Government] may detain any aircraft, if in the opinion of such authority-

(a) having regard to the nature of an intended flight, the flight of such aircraft would involve danger to persons in the aircraft or to any other persons or property, or

(b) such detention is necessary to secure compliance with any of the provisions of this Act or the rules applicable to such aircraft; or such detention is necessary to prevent a contravention of any rule made under b[ clause (h) or clause (i) of sub-section(2) of section 5] c[or to implement any order made by any Court.]

(2) d[Subject to the provisions of section 14,] the a[Central Government] may, by notification in the e[Official Gazette] make rules regulating all matters incidental or subsidiary to the exercise of this power.

[a] Subsitituted for the words "G.G. in C" by A.O. 1937.

[b] Reinstated after the lapse of the amendment by substitution made by the Defence of India Act, 1939 (35 of 1939),S.6.

[c} Inserted by the Aircraft (Amendment] Act, 1972 (12 of 1972], S.7(20-4-1972).

[d] Inserted by the Aircraft (Amendment) Act, 2007 (44 of 2007) which came into force with effect from 01-02-2008 vide Notification No. AV.11012/3/2000-A dated 21st January 2008.

[e] Substituted by A.L.O. 1937.


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