9. Wreck and Salvage.- (1) a[The provisions of Part XIII of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958] relating to Wreck and Salvage shall apply to aircraft on or over the sea or tidal waters as they apply to ships, and the owner of an aircraft shall be entitled to a reasonable reward for salvage services rendered by the aircraft in like manner as the owner of a ship.

(2) The b[Central Governent] may, by notification in the b[Official Gazette], make such modifications of the said provisions in their application to aircraft as appear necessary or expedient.

[a] Subtituted for the words and figures " The provisions of Part, VII of the Indian Merchant Shipping Act, 1923" by the Aircraft (Amendment) Act (12 of 1972), S.9)(20-4-1972).

[b] Substituted by A.L.O.1937.

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